Welcome to the database of Shared Robotics. This wordpress blog manages the data used to generate the graphic representation (a flash-based interface) that will be viewable at sharedrobotics.com from August 20th 2009 and in the exhibition Shared Robotics at Kunsthallen Brandts in Odense, Denmark from the August 21st to November 29th 2009.

Here you can contribute to the database of robots. You can create new robots-entries in the database and edit the robots you’ve created. The database already contains a number of robots both fictive and real. The focus of the database is art and cultural robotics, but if you know of robots that fall outside this field, but nonetheless have a connection to it, please feel free to add them.

The ambition is to create a substantial database of robots that can present an overview of the field.

The database is created by RoboDays (read more at robodays.dk), and is a non-commercial site created for educational purposes. We will not share any personal information you add to your wordpress-profile with outside parties. Information you submit on our website will only be used on this site and in the exhibition.